Posted on December 9, 2019

Week of December 9, 2019

  • Forming for abutment and piers for new Exit 29 bridge (Bridge 6947)
  • Pile driving for the widening of the Charter Oak Bridge (Bridge 6000A)
  • Continue widening I-91 NB embankment (Clark Dike to Exit 28)
  • Blast cleaning and painting beam ends on Charter Oak Bridge 
  • Removal of median parapet removal on NB Charter Oak Bridge
  • Relocating IMS (Incident Management System) on I-91 NB and Route 15 NB
  • Foundation work for widening I-91 Bridge over Route 15 (Bridge 813)
  • Installing new drainage in Route 15 median near Bridge 813
  • Concrete repairs to bridge piers for I-91 Bridge over Route 15 (Bridge 813) 
  • Concrete repairs to bridge piers for I-91 Bridge over Airport Road on ramp (Bridge 1466) 
  • Micro-pile installation for widening I-91 NB Bridge over Airport Road (Bridge 480)
  • Setting temporary concrete barrier along newly relocated travel lanes
  • Epoxy pavement markings on Route 5/15 NB for winter
  • Begin widening I-91 NB embankment (Airport Rd to Exit 29)
  • Installing new IMS conduit on I-91 NB at Exit 29
  • Traffic split on Route 5/15 NB week 12/16


Daytime Closures

No daytime closures are anticipated this week.

Nighttime Closures

Nighttime Lane Closures: from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM, Monday through Friday 
  • I-91 NB (Exit 27 to Exit 29) for bridge underdecking work, and parapet demolition    
  • Route 5/15 NB (Exit 85 to Exit 91) for bridge underdecking work, prep work, and epoxy installation

Nighttime Road Closures with Detours:

Long-term Road Closure and Detours

No closures are anticipated for Saturday and Sunday, December 14 and 15.