Work on I-91 SB in Wethersfield continues

Posted on December 9, 2026

Work for the improvement of I-91 southbound (SB) in Wethersfield continues.
The last section of sound barrier wall being replaced after completion of new drainage - 3/22/22

The last section of the sound barrier wall removed for highway drainage work - 2/28/2022

Work will include the following operations:
  • Moving barrier on I-91 SB to prepare a work zone
  • Removal of nine thirty-foot sections of the existing sound barrier wall   
  • Tree cutting/removal on CTDOT property behind existing sound wall sections removed (to be done during the day shifts)
  • Drainage and sign foundation work
  • Reinstallation of new sound barrier wall sections to match the existing wooden wall
We anticipate the work will be completed in April, 2022, weather permitting.
I-91 SB sound barrier wall work.

If you have any questions or comments related to construction, please contact us directly