Route 5/15 NB Roadway Closure at Exit 86 and Detour to Route 5/15 NB

Posted on November 19, 2026

Route 5/15 NB at Exit 86 will be closed Monday night (11/22) for traffic shift , from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM.   

From Route 5/15 NB Exit 86, the detour route is as follows: 
  • Take the exit onto I-91 SB
  • Take Exit 26 
  • Take a left at the bottom of the exit ramp onto Great Meadow Road
  • Left onto ramp for I-91 NB
  • Take Exit 29 to Route 5/15 NB (Charter Oak Bridge)

Click for larger view of the detour map below.
Route 5/15 NB Closure at Exit 86 detour route