What's Happening Now

Two Closures and Detours to Happen the Night of 6/10

Silver Lane on-ramp to Route 5/15 SB Detour

Two new I-91 NB Traffic Patterns 

1) I-91 NB Left Lane Closure between Exit 26 and Exit 27 in Wethersfield

See the Progress Comparative Views  in Project Photos 

Below: I-91 SB Concrete Pavement Repairs at Exit 27 Began on April 16

I-91 SB concrete pavement repair vicinity

Route 5/15 NB Traffic Shift at Exit 89

Route 5/15 NB traffic at Exit 89 was successfully shifted to the right to allow for the next phase of construction.  This new traffic pattern will continue for the next eight months. 
Click for view of traffic shift graphic  and read more here.
Click for a full-screen view of photo below.
Route 5/15 NB Exit 89 traffic shift in place

Read about the Route 5/15 NB Traffic Split  

The 5/15 NB traffic split viewed from Exit 87

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