What's Happening Now

Construction Alert: Route 5/15 Northbound Traffic Split

There will be a new traffic configuration on Route 5/15 northbound (NB) from Thursday, January 23, weather permitting.  

A traffic split will begin just north of Route 5/15 NB Exit 86. The right lane will continue on the NB side of the median. The left lane will cross over the median toward the southbound lane, with a work zone in the median in between the two northbound lanes.  Barriers will separate southbound and northbound lanes, and will separate the work zone between the two northbound lanes.

Route 5/15 travelers wishing to use 5/15 NB Exit 87 must stay to the right during the traffic split. Travelers in the left lane will not be able to access Exit 87. The two Route 5/15 northbound lanes will shift back to their existing configuration north of Route 5/15 Exit 87.

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